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What should I/we wear? Generally it is best if you and and your children pick simple, yet, eyecatching outfits and preferably dress in layers. Scarves, hats, shirts with sweaters, and boots all work well as do jeans and solid colored shirts with bare feet. Generally speaking, busy patterns and character type tee shirts will detract from the face so please try to avoid these. When you are choosing your clothing, make up, and hair opt for a more classic, timeless look rather than wearing something that will date your picture in a few years. When photographing children, I recommend that they wear something that they can comfortably move in. Parents often worry that their children will not cooperate during a photo shoot. Not to worry, I am a mother and understand what it is like to have active children. Because children are naturally curious and spontaneous they are wonderful subjects! When photographing newborns, choose what you like although I recommend choosing something simple and soft. Hats always work well! We can talk about this in detail when you book your session.


How long is a portrait session? I limit the amount of photo sessions that I do and never schedule back to back sessions. Because of this, you and your children are encouraged to take breaks and make wardrobe changes if you choose to. Generally speaking, most portrait sessions take 1-2 hours and newborn sessions can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. My goal is to capture beautiful images that you will love.


What is the best time of day to book a session? That entirely depends on what you are looking for. If you want a studio session, any time of day works fine. If you want an outdoor session, early in the morning or late in the afternoon works best.


What types of sessions do you offer? I am very flexible...if you prefer something more urban, I know of some areas that this will work well. If you want a more traditional outdoor setting, that's fine too. Also, as far as I'm concerned it's never too cold to photograph outdoors! I often shoot many of my favorite images in the winter months.


What if I want to share the images with out of town relatives and friends? No problem! When your images are ready for viewing, I will send you a password protected gallery. You can share the gallery with whomever you choose. I frequently ship pictures to different areas of the country.


I've noticed that some photographers have a purchase minimum. What is your policy? I do not require a minimum purchase amount. I sell my prints a la carte and you are free to purchase as few or as many as you would like. I often work with clients in the selection process and am happy to do the same with you.


What if I want to order a color image in sepia or black and white? I frequently convert images to sepia, antique toned, and black and white. When you see your proof images you will typically see a combination of these. There is no additional cost to convert images.


Do you have packages? Yes, I do, please inquire.


If we want a session at our house, what should we do to prepare? The best thing to do is to look around and take any clutter out of the room. That will give us more room to work. A room with good natural light works best -- before the session starts I am happy to go with you through your house with you to find the best areas.


I hear you now offer a sports session? Yes, this is something new and exciting that I am offering which I stumbled on by accident (sort of!) I have been photographing a local swim team for a few years so I'm not new to sports photography. However, after taking pictures of friends' childrens at their sporting events, I got such incredible feedback that I decided to offer it as a service. I am available to come to your child's sporting event and exclusively photograph him or her. If you like candids and action shots you will love this. Rather than traditional portraiture, this is more photojournalistic. Also, if you book a friend on the same team I offer a special price to both of you.


Giving back? I am a firm believer in giving back and am happy to work with non profit agencies.



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